Who We Are

Local 33 is the campaign to win a union for graduate workers at Yale University. We believe that a union contract is essential to building a more just, equitable, and transparent university. As we continue to seek recognition as a union, alongside graduate employees at dozens of other universities, we organize to improve working conditions and benefits for graduate students and to strengthen our collective power in today’s changing academy.

Our international union UNITE HERE represents thousands of clerical, technical, facilities, and cafeteria employees at Yale as well as hospitality and food service workers across the United States and Canada. We’re proud to work alongside union and community allies to hold Yale accountable for its investment practices and role as one of the largest employers in New Haven.



Ridge Liu, Physics

Hi all! I’m a fourth year physicist from Houston, studying neutrino physics. I organize because I’ve experienced firsthand just how precarious our positions are and just how poorly we are set up to succeed. On the way, I’ve seen that we can achieve really amazing things when we act together, so I’m looking forward to winning this union with you!

Paul Seltzer, History

I am a fifth-year PhD candidate in the History Department, studying 20th-century U.S. labor history and writing a dissertation about workers at the Atlanta Airport. Before coming to Yale, I organized as a rank-and-file union leader and steward at that same airport (though my heart will always be in my home state of NJ). I organize for a lot of reasons, but especially so that graduate workers can have more accessible mental health care.

Chris Camp (any pronouns), INP

I am a 1st year PhD student in the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program. My experiences within academia have made it abundantly clear that graduate students need to form strong unions to protect their rights as workers. As ombudsperson, I am dedicated to promoting a healthy and inclusive community. This includes organizing with our neighbors across New Haven to demand greater accountability from Yale in its relationship with the city.

Partner Organizations


Organizing Best Practices

”We strive to make organizing in Local 33 consistent, respectful, and of high quality. We believe that building consensus through ongoing, honest, respectful dialogue, in which everyone is empowered to share their views, is the cornerstone of a democratic community. This work of cultivating relationships and solidarity between individuals and among groups is necessary for us to build and maintain a strong union.”

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