Who We Are

A leader in the national academic labor movement, we’ve worked for over 25 years to represent and promote the interests of graduate employees at Yale. In that time, we have won significant improvements to our pay and benefits that help make graduate study at Yale more accessible. We’ve demonstrated public majorities of support across the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences multiple times, held a variety of major actions, and won departmental NLRB elections. Though the Yale administration has made it clear that they would rather deny the democratic rights of graduate students, we believe that a union contract is essential to building a more just, equitable, and transparent university. As we continue to seek recognition as a union, alongside graduate employees at dozens of other universities, we organize to improve working conditions and benefits for graduate students and to strengthen our collective power in today’s changing academy.

Our international union UNITE HERE represents thousands of clerical, technical, facilities, and cafeteria employees at Yale as well as hospitality and food service workers across the United States and Canada. We’re proud to work alongside union and community allies to hold Yale accountable for its investment practices and role as one of the largest employers in New Haven.


Ridge Liu

Reed Miller
Environmental Engineering

Naim Goksel Karacayli

Stephanie Ranks

Lena Eckert-Erdheim
Elected Organizer

Josh Stanley
Elected Organizer

Our Structure

Our structure aims to create regular conversation and flow of information throughout our union.

Members of departmental organizing committees talk to members of their departments. Coordinators work with organizing committee members and are confirmed by a vote of members in their departments once a year.  The Coordinating Committee (CC) as a body is responsible for the governance and organizing of Local 33.

The elected officers have individual responsibilities (organizing, research, communications, etc.) and are responsible for setting the weekly agenda. (The Ombudsperson, however, does not participate in the daily operations and organizing responsibilities of the officers.) They are elected by the membership at large.

Our Organizing

”We strive to make organizing in Local 33 consistent, respectful, and of high quality. We believe that building consensus through ongoing, honest, respectful dialogue, in which everyone is empowered to share their views, is the cornerstone of a democratic community. This work of cultivating relationships and solidarity between individuals and among groups is necessary for us to build and maintain a strong union.”

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