About Us

Local 33 is a campaign that is organized and led by graduate student workers. Fundamentally, organizing a union is about talking to and building consensus with your co-workers. If you want to organize your department, get in touch!

Bargaining Committee

At Large

Arita Acharya, Genetics

Abigail Fields, French

Region A

Micah English, Political Science

Alex Kim, Architecture

Camila Marcone, Medieval Studies

Javier Porras Madero, History

Adam Waters, History

Region B

Ty Brown, Genetics

Chris Camp, Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program

Sasha Tabachnikova, Immunobiology

Jake Thrasher,  Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry

Region C

Richard Habeeb, Computer Science

Jingjun Liu, Earth & Planetary Science

Ridge Liu, Physics

Andrew Neely, Physics

Buğra Mirsat Şahin, Chemical & Environmental Engineering