Election Details

We’re going to have an election! 
Wednesday, November 30th and Thursday, December 1st

For pay that keeps up with the cost of living, healthcare that meets our needs and doesn’t drain our savings, protections for international workers, independent grievance procedures, and a seat at the table… Let’s win our union. Vote UNION YES! 

Now is the time to make a plan to vote! Mark your calendar now and talk with your friends and coworkers about coming with you to vote UNION YES! 

Can I vote? 
  • All students enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, including those affiliated with a professional school, who are appointed as Teaching Fellows, Writing Fellows, Project Assistants, Research Assistants or Research Assistants – University Fellowship;
  • All students enrolled in a professional degree program in the School of Management who are appointed as Teaching Fellows with the Position Detail of Discussion Section Leader;
  • All students enrolled in a professional degree program in the School of Music who are appointed as Teaching Fellows with the Position Detail of Discussion Section Leader, Lab Leader or Teaching Assistant;
  • All students enrolled in a professional degree program in the School of Medicine who are appointed as Teaching Fellows with the Position Detail of Discussion Section Leader or Teaching Assistant; and
  • All students enrolled in any other professional degree program at Yale University who are appointed as Teaching Fellows or Writing Fellows.

Those eligible to vote in the election are: (a) individuals who were employed in a unit position in the Fall 2022 semester; and (b) individuals who were enrolled in a PhD program in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and employed in a unit position in the Fall 2021 and/or Spring 2022 semesters, unless the person has graduated from or withdrawn from the program on the day on which they cast their vote.

Read more about voter eligibility here.

Even if you can’t vote, you can still show your support by wearing a button, joining the Election Organizing Team, and helping make sure your colleagues and friends have a plan to vote UNION YES!  

Email 33@yaleunion.org if you have questions about your eligibility to vote or for more information about how to get involved. 

If I can’t vote, does that mean I can’t be in the union?

Not at all! Graduate and professional students who are currently working or have recently worked in an eligible teaching or research position will be able to vote in our NLRB election. Once we win the election, there will be lots of opportunities for grad workers who can’t vote in the election to participate in building our union and negotiating our contract. Going forward, grad teachers and researchers will have union jobs, even if they aren’t able to vote in this election. 

Where can I vote?  

Most of us will vote in-person at one of four locations on Yale’s campus. All voting locations will be accessible on both days of the election from 9:00am-2:00pm and 4:00pm-8:30pm. 

  • Humanities Quadrangle: Room 131, 320 York Street, New Haven, CT
  • Yale Science Building: Steep Café Mezzanine, 260 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT
  • Brady Memorial Laboratory: Room BML137, 310 Cedar Street, New Haven, CT
  • West Campus Conference Center: Room 216, 800 West Campus Drive, Orange, CT

If you forget or don’t know which is your assigned voting location, or are unsure of your eligibility to vote, it’s ok! You can find the nearest voting location and vote with what is known as a “challenged” ballot. A challenged ballot will have the exact same question on it and will still be a secret ballot. It just means that the NLRB will verify your eligibility and that you didn’t vote in another location before the ballots are counted. Remember even if you are asked to vote with a challenged ballot, don’t stress, vote YES! 

Can I vote by mail?  

Only voters who are registered in-absentia or eligible to be registered in-absentia will receive mail ballots. Unlike in political elections, voters in NLRB elections cannot request absentee or mail-in ballots. Unless you are eligible to vote by mail, you must make a plan to vote in person on Wednesday, November 30 or Thursday, December 1. 

If you are eligible to vote by mail, your ballot will be mailed to you on November 30th and must be returned to the NLRB by close of business on January 6th in order to be counted. Voters must sign the outside of the envelope in which the ballot is returned. Any ballot received in an envelope that is not signed will be void.

How long will it take to vote? 

Our election has been scheduled over two days and with multiple locations to make voting as easy as possible. There will be a lot of people voting, so you may need to wait in line. That’s why it’s so important to make a plan to vote now at a time you know you will be free! 

Will I need to show an ID? 

You do not need to show an ID to vote. You will be asked to state your name to the NLRB agent overseeing the election in order to receive your ballot. 

Will my advisor/PI/dean know that I have voted or know how I vote? 

This is a secret ballot election. No one will know how you voted unless you tell them. When you vote, a representative from the NLRB overseeing the election will ask for your name to make sure you are eligible to vote. 

What is a “challenged” ballot? 

Some people will be asked to vote with what is known as a “challenged” ballot because there is ambiguity about their employment status or because an election observer thinks someone should not be eligible to vote (for instance, if they are not a graduate or professional student). You may also be asked to vote with a challenged ballot if you vote at a location other than the one assigned to your department. If this happens, don’t worry! You can still vote UNION YES! Simply follow the directions of the NLRB agent at the voting location. 

What if I need assistance voting? 

If you need assistance or accommodations to participate in this election, you can notify the NLRB regional office at (860) 240-3522, 8:30am – 5:00pm, or by relay at relay.service@nlrb.gov.

When will the votes be counted? 

In order to accommodate the return of mail-in ballots, votes will be counted on January 9, 2023.

What happens next? 

After all the votes are counted on January 9, 2023, the NLRB will certify the results of the election. If we win our union, we can then begin the process of negotiating our first contract. Before any negotiations commence, all members of the union will be able to participate in electing a bargaining committee, just like at Harvard, Columbia, and other universities.  Through surveys, meetings, and organizing committees, all members of the union will also get to be part of the process of identifying our contract priorities.

For more information, see the FAQ page!