It has been an interesting start to the semester, with plenty of adjustments made to accommodate our needs and the needs of our peers and students in the developing situation surrounding COVID-19. In recognition of this and in anticipation of continued changes and challenges, Local 33 is launching our stewarding program.

Stewarding provides a way for a union member to seek support and assistance navigating situations in which they have professional grievances. Typically, a steward would help the member understand their rights and agency within the confines of the labor contract in place. Although we do not have a contract, we can advocate for our own rights and the rights of our peers and colleagues in the confines of graduate worker policies and regulations set forth by the University. Local 33 has trained a cohort of stewards to do just this!

We are excited to introduce our first cohort of stewards. Over the course of the academic year, should you face any issue—related to research, teaching, or other graduate worker responsibilities—please think about reaching out to a Local 33 steward to support you. In order to connect with a steward, email us at

  • Frankie Barrett, American Studies
  • Carson Bryant, MB&B
  • Jacob Culver, Cell Biology
  • Alicia Entem, YSE
  • Rajeev Erramilli, Physics
  • Abigail Fields, French
  • Madeleine Han, American Studies
  • Alex Josowitz, Biomedical Engineering
  • Naim Karacayli, Physics
  • Jeremie Koenig, Computer Science
  • Ridge Liu, Physics
  • Reed Miller, Environmental Engineering
  • Damanpreet Pelia, American Studies
  • Lidia Plaza, History
  • Paul Seltzer, History
  • Ben Siegel, Physics
  • Adam Waters, History